Agile Marketing

Creating a culture of experimentationl


Speed, that’s why! Agile marketing is a way of working inspired from software development, improving collaboration and reducing risk. Agile marketing is great for new product launches, content creation, or simply testing growth hacking techniques! You can reduce your risk, increase your odds of success and speed up the process through agile marketing practices.

Agile is not just a new project management process, it’s a whole new mindset and way of working: outcome-focused (not output-focused), evidence-based, more pragmatic and better at avoiding silo thinking.

At the heart of agile is an iterative testing approach, to fail fast (but small) and learn fast, so as to win big.

Keep improving, always.

When to use Agile? It’s a perfect way of working for any project that requires enhanced cross-functional collaboration, such as NPD and go-to-market, but is also used successfully within functional teams, for instance for content creation.


In this workshop, we review the various agile practices, such as XLR8, Kanban, Spotify, Scrum and others.

We review team structures (Squads, Tribes, etc).

And we detail ways of working (sprints, daily stand-ups, etc) and supporting tools (eg using Trello or Jira) with a focus on marketing applications supported by case studies and best practices. 

At the end of this workshop, you’ll be confident working in any agile organisation!

Who is it for

The primary audience for this workshop is marketers, from CMOs to interns.

However sales and product team members are welcome as agile is primarily cross-functional.

The approach works in B2B and B2C, across all types of industry and business model, but we will tailor based upon the specific audience.

In a multi-company audience, we ask each participant to sign an NDA, so we can share freely.

If you wish, we can organise a workshop just for your business, so we can go in more detail in your specific organisation.

The details

This workshop takes place at regular dates in both Sydney and Melbourne – please contact us for the next available date.

We are happy to organise the workshop in other cities, attendance allowing.

We give “quantity” discounts when registering several attendants from the same company.

For single-company workshop, we suggest 5-10 team members. We can facilitate at your offices or off-site.

Please contact us for a quote or any question.

For multi-company audience, we limit the attendance to 15 people, preferably in groups of 2-3 people from the same company.

For fees, please refer to the “workshops” main page

We look forward to seeing you there!

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